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Boston Graphic Design Studio, Boston, Massachusetts.

Premium Branding That Drives Conversions.

Our brand identities are designed to evoke a sense of luxury, professionalism, and sophistication that resonates with your target audience. When your customers encounter your brand, they'll feel compelled to take action and convert.

Are you experiencing any of these everyday branding struggles: "Our branding lacks personality and fails to stand out from the competition," "Our branding is inconsistent and all over the place", "We lack credibility and trust from potential clients," "Our brand image appears cheap and unprofessional," "We're tired of trying to do it ourselves," "Our branding unprofessional," "We simply don't have the time to create a logo"? If so, we understand your frustration and are here to help. 

Boston graphic design studio offers branding packages that can transform your brand into a compelling representation of your business, attracting and retaining more customers. 

Small Business Branding:

What's Included?

  • Discovery Call

  • Questionnaire

  • 3 Designs to choose from

  • 2 Revisions of the chosen design

  • Logo Design Variations

  • Brand Color Palette

  • Brand Typography

  • Mockups to see how it will look in real life

  • Brand Style Guide to learn how to use your new brand identity


What is a Logo?

A logo is a symbol of words, images, and colors used to identify a brand or product.

What is the purpose of a logo?

It can make a great first impression, help you stand out in a crowded market, shape your brand identity, serve as a strategic branding tool, promote brand awareness, and strengthen your message without using words. A logo is an essential touchpoint that communicates your brand message across various marketing channels, including websites, social media, business cards, and physical locations.


Custom Package:

You’ll want to apply your new branding to marketing pieces. I can design them for you, since I’ll already know your brand inside and out. Popular pieces include:

  • Brand Naming

  • Tag Line

  • Business cards and Letterhead

  • Brochure, Line cards and Infographics

  • Signage

  • Social media templates

  • Brand swag (t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, and fun stuff) 

Not every business needs every item. After we talk, I can put together a Custom Package proposal that includes the Identity Package and the exact marketing pieces you need.

What is an Identity?

A brand identity is a brand’s set of visual and verbal elements.


A brand identity is made up of a variety of elements, including logos, typography, color palettes, and messaging. These elements work together to create a cohesive and consistent brand image.

A brand style guide is an essential document that records this identity. It keeps your marketing team on the right track, using fonts, colors, and more. Applications, or places where this identity can be “applied,” include websites, business cards, brochures, signs, packaging, vehicles, and more.


Bee Hive Co Branding


The Design Process


I’ll schedule a short call to meet you—looking forward to it! We’ll talk high-level about your project and the problem you’re trying to solve. 


Proposal and contract

After we talk, I’ll send a proposal for the design package we’ve decided on together.


  • 50% payment is required to move forward

  • 50% payment is due after the work is completed

Brand Finder session

Every project starts with a deep-dive conversation with you (and any stakeholders) about your company background, goals, audience, and competitors. Next, we’ll discuss who your brand needs to appeal to and what makes you unique. Finally, we will work with a Questionnaire.

Written brief

Then I’ll summarize all the insights guiding your identity design project. This brief contains the ideas that should be translated into visuals and messaging.

Design Moodboards

I’ll review samples of your current branding (if you have any) and your competitors’ branding to see where you’re starting from and where you can stand out. Then, based on the insights from the Brand Finder, I’ll put together a couple of boards of sample images so we can narrow in on a design style.  



After we choose the best direction, I’ll design the visual theme for your brand. This way, we can get the whole experience of the brand at once, then tweak any individual parts that aren’t contributing to the right vibe. Typically there can be a couple of different solutions for the logo, so we’ll choose the best one that fits the overall look and feel. The concepts are presented via Zoom in a screen sharing meeting, where I explain the research and rationale behind all the decisions. This reveal is the fun part!



Because we’ve laid good groundwork for the project, the proposed solutions are usually on target. But if needed, we’ll make minor tweaks so it’s even more awesome.

Style guide & assets

Last, I’ll write your brand style guide, which will have all the approved elements of your brand identity: strategy, logo, typography, color palette, any icons, your style of images and how to make more of them, example layouts, etc. This invaluable reference will keep you on-brand going forward. 



For a typical brand identity project, allow 3-4 weeks. If some collateral marketing materials are included, add an extra 1-4 weeks. (Timeline assumes prompt client feedback of 1-2 days.)

Logo Design Process

What Our Clients Say

"Priya is never the person who slows down a project. She delivers. When she specifies a date or a price, you can count on it" - Lia Johnson.

Candle Co Branding 

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