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Strong Cyber Security Best Practices For Every Small Business

I'm sure your website is always protected round the clock, but there's more to your online safety than that. Check out these online safety tips from Boston Graphic Design Studio Llc., Boston, Massachusetts where we will cover everything from how to make your passwords stronger to spot phishing scams.

Strong Cyber Security Best Practices For Every Small Business
Boston Graphic Design Studio Llc, Boston Ma

1. Enable your 2-step verification:

Make every account 10x safer from social media to online banking by adding 2-step verification (2FA). What is a 2-Factor Authentication?

Choose your method

Most platforms provide a variety of ways to confirm your login, including SMS, email, and authenticator apps. Use an authenticator app to generate quick-expiring codes on your device for safer, faster login verification.

Using 2-Step Verification for Your Wix Account

2. Increase your Password strength:

Any account with a weak password can be hacked in seconds. Create passwords that prevent cyber attacks.

12 characters and up A longer, complex password is a stronger one. Use a minimum of 12- character passwords with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

The sentence method Make a memorable password based on a simple sentence. For example, use the first two letters of each word: Never Forget Your Password Again! = Nevfogyoupasaga!

One password per account Create unique passwords for every account, from your email to your social media, and use a password manager to keep them all in one place.

How to Change Your Wix Password.

3. Assign proper roles and permissions when you collaborate with someone:

When you add contributors to your site or use online software that lets people work together, you can control who can see sensitive information.

Define roles On your Wix site, for example, you can assign limited roles to Writers, Designers, Office Managers, and more. Only assign an Admin role to a trusted collaborator who requires full control of your site.

Limit backend access Customize permissions for any platform or software you use so employees and collaborators only access information and perform actions required for their work. Protect your privacy Limiting access can prevent sensitive data and information from being leaked or stolen.

Wix Roles & Permissions: Overview

4. Watch out for phishing:

Globally, over 90% of cyber attacks start with phishing via an email or message. Recognize common signs:

Typos and misspelling Look out for typos like a misspelled email address, incorrect company name, or wrong date. Links and attachments Before you click links, hover over them to confirm their destination. If a message requires you to download attachments, it should raise a red flag. Urgency If an email or text says you need to act quickly, evaluate the message and sender before you do anything else.

Identifying and Reporting a Phishing Site

Wix's fully managed security framework keeps your site safe from cyber threats by preventing, detecting, and responding to them.

I hope this provides some insight to someone who needs to know more about strong security best practices for their small business website. Want some more help? Reach out to me directly for a free consultation: Click Here.

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