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What questions should you ask yourself before starting on your logo design?

Your logo is a graphic description of your company's name that is instantly recognizable to your customers and potential customers.

Questions to ask before hiring a graphic designer
Boston Graphic Design Studio, Boston Ma

1. So, What type of logos are there?





Mascot logos

The combination mark

The emblem

2. Which type of logo would best suit my company?

It depends on your BUSINESS NAME and the services you offer. Wordmark and letterform logos are more memorable than abstract logos. For example, A wordmark logotype would suit a company like Uber.

3. What should your logo convey, then?

Your logo should show people what your company is all about. It should convey you’re different from your competitors and that you’re a real business and a professional. A good example of a great logo is Amazon, defined by the company's name, with an arrow below it pointing from the "a" to the "z" - the arrow symbolizes friendly customer service and conveys that Amazon offers everything from A to Z.

4. How to choose the best logo colors for your logo?

When creating your logo, your color palette should tell your brand story to your target audience. Colors evoke emotions and feelings in different ways. By using colors strategically, you can make your audience feel a certain way about your brand. For example, blue is a safe and secure color that works well for companies like health and insurance. Female consumers prefer purple because it represents honesty, well-being, and holistic renewal.

5. What fonts should I consider when making the logo?

Fonts convey and inspire various emotions, just like colors. Different fonts work best for other businesses. For example, the font used on a logo for a legal firm must convey honorability, strength, and justice, and for that purpose, choosing a bold, straightforward font will be suitable.

6. Should I design a logo myself or hire a graphic designer to do it?

Once you decide on the logo colors, shapes, and fonts, you must communicate your preferences to your graphic designer. Working with a graphic designer is a must since they understand a good logo and how it needs to scale and function across different media and marketing channels.

7. How much will the logo cost?

The pricing will vary from DIY design to working with a graphic designer depending on the logo concept, design, revisions, and final deliverables.

8. Where should I display my logo?

You can display your logo online on your website, digital ad campaigns, and social media sites where your business profiles are set up, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest. For Offline, you can use your logo on your front door, signage, business cards, marketing materials, invoices, uniforms, company stationaries, and contracts.

9. What are some mistakes to avoid?

Choosing a logo before looking at your competitors' logos is your worst mistake. Having the same logo as your competitors may confuse your customers, making them unable to distinguish your company from theirs.

10. Is it too soon to worry about how my logo will look in 10 years?

The secret to a strong logo is to get it right from the start, then fine-tune it as needed over time.

Boston Graphic Design Studio Llc specializes in quick-turnaround logo designs for small businesses and startups. We will work with you to create a professional logo that will make the right first impression and provide long-term results. Ready to invest in your logo design? Contact us.

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