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Our Design Services.

Small Business Owners, Are you struggling to create a compelling brand that resonates with your target audience? Boston Graphic Design Studio offers tailored solutions for small businesses to improve their brand and their online presence.

Our Design Solutions

By creating a powerful visual identity and captivating website design, you can elevate your small business to new heights and attract your dream clients, while building trust and showcasing your unique personality to connect with your audience on a deeper level and establish a "like, trust, and know" factor that sets you apart from the competition.

Brand Identity & Logo Design:

Your brand identity is not just your logo, It’s your Key to premium positioning, attracting your Target customers, and having your services fly off the shelf. With more than 7 years of experience, we've helped many local businesses stand out and succeed. If you're looking to establish a strong brand identity, we recommend starting with our logo design services. We'd love to work with you on your logo design needs that you're proud to represent your brand. Check out our Brand Identity Packages for pricing and the next steps.


Small Business Website Design:

Say goodbye to outdated, sluggish, slow sites and HELLO to a modern, fast loading, user-friendly, and SEO -optimized website. Want to take your online presence to the next level with our responsive website design service?. From small business websites to targeted landing pages, we've got you covered. With our websites you can now showcase your authority, attract new leads, and boost sales with a website that makes a lasting impression. Check out our Website Design Packages for pricing information and next steps.

Graphic Design Services:

Our graphic design services include business card design,  brochure design, flyer design, event invitations, digital and print ad design, photoshop projects, infographics, signage and more. We are here to support your graphic design needs with a quick turnaround. Our portfolio includes a sample of projects we can help with. Don't see something? Just ask. Pricing is based on the project scope, final deliverables, deadline, and turnaround time.

our design process - Boston Graphic Design Studio

Expert Branding And Website Design Solutions, Boston Ma.

You Will Love Our Proven Design Process

 Meeting with the client: The goal of the first meeting is to set parameters and rules for the project.

Research : We gather data on the client by conducting market research on their competitors and studying their target audience. ​

MoodBoard : We will create a MoodBoard to establish the visual direction of your project. This will be based on our initial meeting and research findings.

Brainstorm : We will engage in generating creative ideas and solutions for your project.

Sketch Thumbnails : These are quick, rough sketches that allow us to explore design ideas before we dive into the details. This step is important because it helps us identify what works and what doesn't work early on, so we can refine our concepts and ultimately deliver the best possible design for you.

Concept Development : Following the sketching phase, we will proceed with the implementation process. Together, we will generate concepts that we consider to be most suitable for fulfilling your requirements.

Create Initial Design : Using the design software we create the project deliverable.


Final Design : Once we present you with the initial concept, we will proceed according to your preference and work alongside you to finalize the design concept.

Client Feedback: We'll send you the final design so you can look it over and give us your thoughts. We value your honest opinions and suggestions because they help us make sure the final product meets your needs. As part of our process, we give you two rounds of revisions to make any changes or tweaks to the design that you think are necessary based on your feedback.

Approval from the client: Once the client is happy with the final design, we create the final files for the final project deliverable. 

At Boston Graphic Design Studio, we firmly believe that creating a positive first impression can significantly increase the likelihood of customers purchasing from and endorsing your business.

Your service might be the best out there. Your pricing might be perfectly calibrated. You might have excellent customer service, but potential customers might not even get that far if your logo, business card, or website isn’t good enough. A well-designed logo, cohesive branding, user-friendly website, sharp business cards, and an enticing physical storefront - when combined with all the other great things about your business can take you to a new level of success.

What Winning Sounds Like

Priya was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very efficient, personable, and creative. She understood what needed to be done with a bit of explanation. I needed some photo editing and was on a deadline and she came through and completed the job very quickly. My first experience working with her was a 10 and I would highly recommend her :) - Lynn G

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