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Boston Graphic Design Studio Llc., Boston Ma.

You've spent hours perfecting your website and are almost ready to go live, but something just feels off. You need a designer for a couple of hours to bring everything together before you hit “Publish” and share your hard work with the world.

Maybe you're generally happy with your website, but you still need some "cleaning" done to get it just right.

We’ll take your already live or close-to-being-live site from “meh” to “wow”.


Designers Touch sessions offer 90 minutes of tweaking, polishing, and finessing to make sure your final website feels polished and ready to share with the world.

What’s Included?

Clean up typography to make text easy to skim and read

Adjust the spacing between elements

Providing a better user experience for website visitors 

Ensure mobile matches desktop + is easy for visitors to read

Personalize your site to match your brand


Let’s summarize what you get: 


This price includes 90 minutes of design time from a member of our team + a detailed video with our recommendations and next steps.

You must be using one of our Showit or WordPress designs. This service is not open to website designs purchased from other designers.


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